Show titles in scrivenings and background color

Hi there,

Scrivener is a deep application and sometimes I’ve found that a behavior that is confusing me is actually a feature rather than a bug. This might be one of those times.

I often turn on ‘Show titles in Scrivenings’ under ‘Editor’ in the ‘View’ menu. With this turned on, sometimes when I begin typing under a heading with no text, the background of the text takes on the background of the title of the section. Other times, this does not happen. (I’ve included a screenshot illustrating this.) If I begin typing in a section with ‘Show titles…’ turned off and then turn it on, the text background continues to be white.

Is there a setting that is causing this to happen? It is a little distracting.



Hi Jesse,

When this happens, backspace as soon as it does, then click somewhere else in the document and click back to the start of the document again as a workaround. It is a minor bug, yes, but it’s a tough one to eliminate completely, because of the way the text system works. Those titles are just part of the regular text, with Scrivener monitoring which parts of the text are internally titles and which part is main text. When the titles have a background colour that extends to the edge of the screen, that means that there is a background colour applied to the return character. When you click into the text straight after that, if there is no text after it, then it will try to take the formatting of the text that came before - the highlighted text. Scrivener does its best to monitor this and switch to the correct formatting, but there are certain situations where it cannot tell whether the formatting has changed because the user has changed formatting or because the user has placed the cursor after a title, and that’s when this problem occurs.

I will have another look at it, though. Could you please tell me the exact steps to get it to happen? (I know it can happen in some circumstances, but I’d have to pick through the code to figure out the exact circumstances, so if you know off-hand, I’d be grateful - if not, no problem, I’ll pick through things.)


All the best,