Showing an arrow on top of an image

I imported a large (map) image and put other images on top of it. To do that I “Send to back” the large image and it works. But now I’d like to show locations using arrows. Is there a way to do that ?

Alternatively I tried to set the large image as background shape (and use arrows shapes made in MS Word) , but it’s automatically tiled. Is there a way around that?


There isn’t an elegant way of pointing arrows into “thin air” as arrows exist solely as connection points between objects on the board. All around, there are probably better programs for annotating an image than Scapple, it’s not really an illustration type program, but something that works exclusively with content and the connections between content.

Indeed, there are. Yet, one question was : In Scapple, is there a way to disable/control tiling for background texture/image?

The background texture is for tiling textures, not placing single images. I suppose you could obscure that by creating an image large enough, or with enough padding, to be larger than the entire board—but that might not do well for performance as the setting is meant more for small thumbnail sized graphics (like paper textures).