Showing the document's level

My most using of Scrivener is for long documents work, which they look like thesis.
That means there are many chapters, and many levels.

If the things are clear into the Binder, in spite of the project is compiled with all the titles’s numbers for each level, I think that the situation could be enhanced with the ability to show on each page where we are. And I imagine, at the end of each pages, an automatic foot note, showing:

Chapter Level 1’s title / Sub chapter 1-1’s title / document’s title

Like we have here :
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Do any of these methods help? … ings-mode/

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appropriate.

My attempt is to be able to have a “special” field at the top or the bottom of each page of my project, after compiling, which shows to the reader where he is in the document’s hierarchy.

an example:

It looks working like the page’s number, but only getting the folder’s title, the capter’s title, and so on