Side-by-side Paragraph and Character Styles Lists Possible ?

After almost a year, I still consider myself a newbie at Scrivener, and especially LaTeX, as I am constantly amazed at the software’s capabilities and expansiveness, both separate and together. Like in the movie I-Robot, I constantly try to remind myself to “ask the right question”. So often either Scrivener and/or LaTeX have an answer.

The flexibility within the Paragraph and Character Styles tools have over the past year become an area of increasing interest for me. As a result, the pull down list has become lengthly as I have added features that I constantly use:
[attachment=0]Long Styles Listing.png[/attachment]
So the question I’ve asked myself is: Can Scrivener display the list of Paragraph Styles alongside the list of Character Styles (side-by-side), instead of in one long, continuous list, as envisioned in the bottom screen shot?
[attachment=1]Paragraph+Character Styles.png[/attachment]
The Paragraph Styles and Character Styles tools are very powerful. As I learn more about how to use Scrivener and LaTeX, I can imagine I will be adding additional features to the lists.

The side-by-side feature might not save an enormous amount of time. It would be helpful, however, to view –and select from– as many of the Paragraph Styles and Character Styles as possible all at once, particularly as I continue to add features to the lists.

If such a feature is not currently available in Scrivener, is this a feature that might be worth considering for the next version of Scrivener?

Happy New Year!


It might be worth posting this (or having a moderator move it) to the Wish List forum, since a change like this would likely affect both Mac and Windows.

@ devinganger:
Done … just added to Wishlist!
Thank you for the suggestion!
Stay safe wherever you are!