Side Panel for PDF

First I’d like to say Scrivener is one of my favorite and most used things I can think of. I am a big fan of Scrivener. I have even bought Scrivener for a christmas gift to support the company (and they said they really appreciate it too). Getting to the point…

I have seen some PDF’s that look great and save time with a side panel of some sort to click on each chapter. I would like to recommend a feature that lets you program somehow(not with code mindyou) a side panel into the PDF like I have seen. If this is already included someone can really help me out by informing me how…

That is handled by the pdf software, like Adobe Acrobat Reader. It has nothing to do with the output from Scrivener.

A side panel for PDF files inside Scrivener isn’t really feasible given the UI, as you’d have a side panel (binder) next to a side panel (PDF outline). However, I do like the idea of adding a way to easily navigate those PDF files that have outlines built in (whether a PDF file has an outline or not is down to the PDF creator). I have therefore modified the scrivenings navigation tool that has been added for 3.0 to navigate PDF files, too:

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