Sideways keyboard for iPhone version.

I thought this was added to all apps, but it seems that not all of them can use it. This would make typing much easier on the iPhone version.

iOS indeeds supports a landscape keyboard and it can be used by any app that allows the orientation.

It’s certainly a little better for thumb typing but with the addition of an accessory view and the toolbar you lose 60% of the screen.

Personaly I’m happy with a font size on a retina screen that still allows 9 rows of text within that 3/4 inch of height, but on a non retina device or for those who prefer text of a more readable size 3 or 4 lines of text will be more realistic.

I’m writing this on my iPhone in fact, and it’s certainly usable. I doubt we’ll prevent editing in landscape unless there’s a technical or user interface reason why we can’t support all our iPhone features in landscape. I don’t want to see us forcing users to switch between orientations, so we’ll be working towards that aim.