Sideways text or inserting landscape document in otherwise portrait project?

I’m sorry if this is distracting, as I’m not sure it’s even possible and I don’t want to put in suggestions (as asked). But I’m thinking there has GOT to be a way to do this!
I’m using the current beta to work on a class manual (to fully learn version 3 so I can hit the ground running when it comes out). Sometimes in the manual I need to insert a table that just doesn’t work in portrait.
I can find no way to turn the table contents (primarily text) 90 degrees to the left. I created a new Section type called ‘Landscape’ in the hopes that I could possibly change how that was compiled to landscape format, but that wasn’t possible either.

Is there a plausible way to do this? Or do I need to create this table elsewhere and insert it into the compiled product later?

In the 1.9.8 version, I did this by creating the table in Word, then adding it as a separate page (where I wanted it) and specified to “compile as-is” to keep the table and landscape orientation I had specified. Not sure if it is possible as you described in the beta or not (yet), but that old method should work still.

How exactly does this work? I mean, creating the table in Word in landscape orientation I get, but if you import that Word document into Scrivener, even in a separate document, doesn’t that just force it into portrait mode in the editor, making ‘compile as-is’ sort of pointless? I’m gonna have to poke at this for a bit…

ETA: Ugh, doesn’t work. Forces it into portrait and cuts off the right side (2 columns) of the table. Sigh. That also foils the idea of turning the table into an image, as that will not fit on a portrait page without being shrunk, either.

No idea if this will work:
Create a new section type for that page, and add some custom CSS. The “orientation” keyword seems designed for this.


Sorry if I’m the party pooper… but this doesn’t really belong here.

Also, in my opinion, Scrivener is the farthest thing from a document formatting and layout program. It’s a writer’s tool. To organize your thoughts and easily rearrange and perfect your writing. You’ll have to do the final formatting somewhere else, like Word or InDesign. I’d never trust my document layout (or tables for that matter) to Scrivener.

I haven’t been able to get the section type idea to work yet, maybe won’t ever, but the idea of using a properly scaled image rotated 90 degrees should work for you. The picture stays landscape, you just change the orientation before placing it into your Scrivener page.