Does this new forum not support signatures?

I miss getting a smile from some of the signoffs people would put at the end of their postings.

I don’t think Discourse has native support for signatures. They do kind of make a lot of persistent intervening visual noise between the content elements of a thread — like regular disruptions in a conversation.

That said, I am sad to see them go. How will I show off my NIAD victory cups?!

Discourse does have a plugin architecture, though. So, the possibility is out there. Still it may not be something L&L wants to carry forward.


I haven’t seen it discussed specifically, but I’m pretty sure the design decision here is to keep the topic text focused on content rather than personal information being interspersed throughout.

We definitely do need to figure out something for those mugs though. :slight_smile:

I miss those in particular.

One can do something with brute html, but it is per post. Of course, some work would be needed to work with light and dark forum themes.

If you click on a User’s name, a detailed pop-up is available with editable equivalent info. I for one prefer less visual noise and like this optional pop-up…


Yup, I definitely agree. The only thing I find myself wishing had a bit more visible is the user platform information—but that is of decreasing relevance now that 3.0 for Windows is out. It used to be you could barely answer a question without knowing that, but nowadays a lot of what is asked about is going to have answers that are relevant anywhere. In that vein, in some ways it is a shame that three or so years of general purpose usage discussion is buried in the Mac-only area—but there is no way to really solve that at this point. A system that nurtures more generalised discussion going forward, is the best we can do.

But I digress, seeing someone pasting in a signature manually on all of their posts just made me aware of how disruptive signatures were, now that I’ve been reading threads without them for a good bit now. All of that personalisation and information is good, don’t get me wrong, but it can be conveyed in a popup just fine, and how many times do you really need to have that information repeated in the content of a discussion anyway?

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Seems right. The About Me section of Profile (which shows up in the pop-up) looks like the right place for that sort of thing.

Images preview in the About Me section, but they do not render in the pop-up. So, looks like mugs will be pushed to the Profile header.

Well like I say we need to figure out something to do with the mugs that is special, maybe with a plugin or something, that would insert the graphic somewhere, that isn’t easy to abuse.

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Under profile, in preferences, what are “profile header” and “user card background” about?

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When you click on someone’s name in a thread, you will get a little pop-up that contains a few useful fields (like platform and version information). This is what is referred to as a “card”, and you can choose a custom background for that if you wish.

The other background file is for your main profile, which you’ll see when clicking on the user name within the card.

I’ve set up both the main profile header and user card background on my account, mainly out of curiosity. As you can see with a brief click on my profile pic, it has a pretty subtle impact (which I like).

As for the Award Mugs… yes I miss them, but they were designed to take advantage of a specific feature of the old forum. If there was a way to sensibly incorporate them somehow I’d be happy, but not at the expense of the design philosophy of the new forum.

My initial thought is we create a “hall of fame” post somewhere (or “hall of mugs”).