Silly Binder Feature Request

Hey guys,

Quick suggestion for the Binder: The ability to set the Binder display font based on the type of item. I.e., document titles would display with one font, folder titles with another, etc. It would be a very nice, visual way for writers like me to quickly tell, at a glance, which items were chapters and/or collections of scenes, which were just scenes, and which were just snippets, without having to use labels and/or statuses, which we might want to reserve for other uses, and without having to rely on their position in the hierarchy for that info. Plus, it’d be really nifty and cool-looking.

Just a thought.

–Andy H.

There are options in the Mac version currently for emboldening and italicizing folders and document groups, so you can already achieve this visual distinction if you wish, just not with separate fonts. You’ll find this in the fonts section of the Appearance tab in Scrivener > Preferences.

Well, right, sure. But that’s kinda why I specified “fonts.” :smiley: Also, it’d be nice to be able to choose which things to embolden and which to italicize, or both.

You can rename “Status” or “Label” to a different category, “Contents,” for instance, listing chapters, scenes, collections, snippets – as many items as you can select colors for. Then search for what you want by color.


That’s true, but I was mostly after adding to the visual aesthetic of my writing environment in an eye-pleasing, visually satisfying manner. I wanted to use fonts and typographical differences to tell the difference between things. Colors are nice, as are bold and italics, but I hate using labels and statuses because they look so garish, no matter what colors you use, and sometimes bold and italic are not enough. Now, if statuses and labels used nice, airbrushed, reflective selection rectangles around element titles, well, now we’re talking. But, they don’t, so . . .

This may be a personal thing, but while I found view > use label colour in > binder too garish, view > use label colour in > icons shows it much more subtly, especially if you use less vibrant colours.


I’d like to see the capability to change the folder icon’s color. Like when you are done with a chapter, if you keep each scene in a folder, then you can mark it a color when you are totally done with that part. Would be a big help when you are working on character creation, you can track what you have done or not and that way you can also keep the folders collapsed and know what is done and not.

On the Windows version if you highlight the folder in the Binder view and right click, you can assign a label that changes the color of the folder to match that of the label. Would that give you what you’re looking for?

All of this is great, but what I’d still like to see is the ability to have, say, my folders in “Comic Geek” 12 point, my scenes in “ITC Legacy Serif” 11 point, my folders emboldened but not italicized, and my document groups italicized but not emboldened. :slight_smile: Maybe I’ve overestimating here, but wouldn’t this be trivial functionality to add? (Unless the Cocoa object used for the binder has restrictions on it I’m not aware of.) And before anyone asks, “What would be the point?”: Well, for one thing, it would make my writing environment more fun. For another, it would make the different objects really leap out at me.

Also – while we’re at it – could we get rid of the rounded corners on the label/status color highlights of binder objects? Why not use the “shiny rectangles” like some other Mac apps do? :slight_smile: