Silly question(?) re making wholesale Formatting Changes

Hello all,

Apologies if this is an incredibly silly question…

Having been working extensively on 1 project for over a year - I created a new one this evening, and now it feels as if the world has fallen out of my head! :blush:

I have several chapters in MS Word. After converting these to RTF, I simply imported the one I want to work on, into a new project.

My inline footnotes are in Times New Roman 10, which is fine.
My main text is however in Times New Roman 12, as it was when over in Word - and I’d like to change all of it to Gill Sans 12…

I somehow managed to do that on the previous project I created, but for the life of me, cannot work-out how to do it again. I figured I would pop something up here before starting a mindless “Copy-Formatting | Paste-Formatting”, paragraph by paragraph exercise…

Any suggestions? What am I missing?

Likely just one command: Documents/Convert/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style. Forget styling each paragraph by itself, this will fix up hundreds of files at once if you choose. :slight_smile:

Just make sure your default formatting is Gill Sans first. You’ll find that in the Formatting preference pane.

Several options. One simple option…
Open all files in scrivenings mode
Change to the font you want

Would do a backup first though, just to be safe.

Thanks for the speedy reply AmberV!

This appears to be exactly what I need, but I’m getting an unexpected result.

Under the Preferences/Formatting/Notes Font – it’s set to Gill Sans 14.
When I do the conversion, I only selected “Convert Font Only”, and did NOT select “Preserve Font Size”, since I presumed(?) the latter would have kept the original font size, which was 12…

Upon doing the conversion - the font of the main text (not the footnotes) is indeed changed from TNR to Gill Sans, as I was hoping, but the font size was converted to 10??

I have no idea why the size is being overridden? Unless I’m mistaken, the setting in the Notes Font should be what is used as the Default Setting? Could there be something somewhere else that is overriding this?

Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks for the suggestion - this would have done the trick were I wanting all the text converted – as it stands, I want the main text in a different font to that of the footnotes.

No, that’s a setting for the Document and Project Notes in the Inspector sidebar. When you click on the notepad icon at the bottom of the Inspector, it will use this font for new notepads (since it is rich text, existing one will go on using whatever font you used at the time).

All the default formatting for the main text is done in that mock editor in the top half of the Formatting pane. Just make that look exactly like it should. Click the “A” button in the Format Bar and make sure the font here is not set to 10pt.

As for why the size is being overridden, you did mention not checking “Preserve Font Size”, so it would make sense for the size to change if the defaults are different from the base text.


Thanks a bunch - wouldn’t have thought to check the “A” button - that was the hitch. Working now!