simple alias document

Would be great if we could create an alias of a document so that a document could be repeated in several locations in a project, and anytime you made changes to one it would update in all the others. Or it could be that you have to change the master and all the others will update.

I now you could say that this is the relationship between the binder and collections, but it would be useful if we could have alias’s within the binder or a single collection.

hope that make sense

That’s what we call single sourcing in my trade. there’s a new thread on this very board asking the same.

My advice to that OP is the same as I’ll give you: look at using AsciiDoctor or DITA; these are production-grade toolkits for serious technical writing. They’ll give you single-sourcing (conrefs, includes or aliases in your terms), branching and conditional statements, variables, preprocessors and a lot more.

The learning curve is high and you have to use a text editor (I prefer that, personally to a rich text word processor) but it’s worth it. In my day job, I manage and develop a large suite of product documents and release notes and I have to build separate outputs for each major and minor release, document type, internal/external readers and so. If I had to do that in Word or Scrivener, I’d have committed myself by now.