Simple question - Citing references!

Hi, saw this app in Mac User UK and decided to try it out!
Say i have a snippet of text in my references pin board, how can i “quote” it? :slight_smile: Is there a really nice simple way to cite sources and it’ll automatically add small notes at the end of pages saying where they’re from? (like on wikipedia, for example)

If your snippet is completely self-contained, it couldn’t be easier:

  • Split the draft into two chunks, breaking at the point where the snippet goes. (Documents->Split at Selection)
  • Drag the snippet card from the references folder to the draft folder. (or duplicate it and drag the duplicate) Insert it between the two chunks you just created. (Edit->Append Selection to Document also works, but playing with the corkboard is more fun. :smiley:)
  • Format the source information as an inline footnote at the point where the footnote mark should appear. (Text->Footnote)
  • Edit Scrivenings or Documents->Merge to mush everything back together.

Hope this helps,