Simple word count, simplified

Hi there. I’ve seen a lot of more complex questions about this, but not a very basic, simple answer. That’s all I need. Can anyone assist?

I just need to know my actual word count, and thus apparently, the essential difference between the two very different word counts, “Scratch (as Compiled)” and “Selection”. I don’t use compiling. Which is my actual word count? One of these must be the actual number of words, and the other is either adding or subtracting… something.

Here’s what my Project Statistics look like right now:

That’s a pretty insane difference, IMHO.


Looks like you’re on an old version of Scrivener. There’s a lot more data in Project Statistics these days.

I suspect the difference is because some files are have Include in Compile unchecked.

I am also quite confused. Here are screenshots of word count in my document .Three different numbers. Is it not possible to have the visible word count in the bar under the editor showing the right word count (for compile, without inline annotations)?


This didn’t sound right to me since I don’t use compile, but you are helpful and I wanted to check anyways. Sure enough, everything’s checked to “Include”. So unless I misunderstand you, that’s not my trouble. I am on an older version of Scrivener, true, but based on axbax’s input, I’m not sure that upgrading will improve my situation.

Here’s my word count today, screenshot:

Comparing this to my screenshot from last week, the top number, “as compiled”, is the same, and the bottom number, “selection”, has increased by 6,656 words. So should I be satisfied and rely on the bottom number then, as my word count has indeed increased? Well… I’m not. Either the logic is faulty or I’m not understanding, and either way that suggests I might not have an accurate count.

I’m going with the bottom number for now but I couldn’t tell anyone here why… and I’m hoping someone with more Scrivener knowledge could step in with clarification! Thanks in advance, and thanks auxbuss and axbax!! (Did you guys get together on your names? Because they go together very nicely! :smiley: )