Simplenote Sync for Windows?

I’m sorry if this has been covered before; I searched but did not find any threads on this.

This month, Simplenote released their android app, making Scrivener a much more versatile platform for those of us who like to note or edit while on the go. Sadly, Scrivener for Windows does not sync to Simplenote. Is there a time frame for when this feature will be implemented? I hope the Android release can move it up the priority list a little bit.

Since I use Scrivener Windows in my office and Mac in my house, not having Simplenote sync on the Windows version severely reduces the utility of Simplenote syncing in general.

Simplenote sync isn’t the highest priority as we want to make sure that basic folder style syncing is handled as well as iOS, once that is ready. I realise the latter doesn’t help you out at all for Android, but folder syncing should—that makes it so any text editor that can navigate Dropbox and edit text files can effectively sync with your Binder. We’ve even thought about dropping Simplenote on the Mac because they’ve not been terribly reliable over the past year (we’ve had users lose data between their mobile machines and the servers, so it gets lost before Scrivener even gets to it). So its status is tenuous at best.

At any rate, folder sync is generally superior, even if just for the reason that you get to choose which text editor you wish to use, and to a lesser degree, which synchronisation service to use (if you have qualms about using Dropbox), since from Scrivener’s side it is just dealing in files and folders on your drive.

Hi Amber,

Thanks for your answers. Your priorities make sense; let me just add a few thoughts.

Simplenote did/does have some reliability issues, but since Automattic acquired them earlier this year, they seem to be putting some active development back into the app. As Automattic is, itself, a reputable company, I am hopeful that such issues will stay away in the future.

In my own workflow, the ability to log into Simplenote from any browser and edit my work is invaluable. I know there are ways to work around this with Dropbox (CloudOn, for one) but these are not without problems of their own. I prefer to use the simpler (pun intended) method rather than use an extra web or android app for my editing.

Have you looked into the ability to pair a Dropbox folder with your Simplenote account? That right there opens up its capabilities to non-direct supporting applications.

That feature has been disabled (unless you were already a premium subscriber) in the newest Simplenote updates.

That’s a pity, that really broadened the scope of how their service could be used. Perhaps they intend to introduce their own file and folder based system down the line.