Simplenote Sync for Windows

I’m just beginning to make use of the Simplenote Sync from my Android tablet to Scrivener on my Mac. Is there any chance that a future version of Scrivener for Windows could provide a similar link. Then I could link all three which would be really great!!!

Ordinarily, I would say that if you see it on the Mac it’s planned for Windows; there isn’t a need to post feature requests for stuff that is already planned for. In this case we will most likely be removing SimpleNote from the Mac in the future anyway, and have already started to encourage people to transition out of it. We have observed the vendor’s reliability dropping off a bit (and in rare cases, catastrophically in the form of unrecoverable data loss between mobile apps and the servers) in the past year. Secondly, by the time we do remove it, we’ll have the iOS version of Scrivener ready, and that should make using something like SimpleNote far less appealing to most people if you can just open up your project and work with it on your phone.

Meanwhile the folder sync method on the Mac (which we do intend to develop on Windows) provides much of the same utility as SimpleNote, since it works with any text editor that can interface with a cloud sync method using simple folders and files, like Dropbox. So between iOS sync (and Android eventually!) there isn’t a lot of space for a bulky and complicated chunk of code that only works with one service that we have concerns about to begin with.

If you are concerned with the service for now, I will say that the data loss bugs we observed appear to be all fixed (they tapered off around half a year ago). Make sure your app is up to date on the tablet (it might even have only been constrained to their iOS apps, too, I don’t recall an Android app report). The remaining issues appear to just be odd server response problems generating errors in Scrivener when you try to sync. These problems usually go away after a while, but it can be annoying when you have a few thousand words you want to start working on and it won’t sync.