I am in love with this feature…I can do the syncing across different computers… yes I wish I could just use email to get the whole project. Right now using it as a way to also test the win lappie… yes I got to copy and paste on the win machine… but hey folks this is one way to do it.

So yes, this is great.

Next will have to learn how to do the dropbox game, though I suspect that is more on a copy\paste idea.

And that is fine… I also use notebooks…

Now once Auteureist gets out of it’s growing pains… I will do the multi-markdown game and see how that goes.

But that one gotta get out of release pains.

You can use e-mail to send projects to yourself. Just make sure they are zipped up first. You can get away with dragging a small .scriv file into Mail on one Mac and opening it on another Mac using Mail, but the success of doing this is highly variable once you leave that precise setup and larger projects will probably often fail because you are basically asking your mail client and server to attach hundreds if not thousands of files. The whole MIME part solution was just never designed with that kind of complexity in mind.

To easily created zipped copies, use File/Back Up/Back Up To... and then use that file to attach to the e-mail. You can then switch to the Windows laptop, download the attachment, decompress it, and open the project using Scrivener for Windows.