Hi Keith,
I’m scheming ways to workflow text composed on Notational Velocity/SimpleNote into Scrivener via But, I have a fairly large SimpleNote database.

In the SimpleText import screen, I’d like to see a way to search for files and filter only the ones that have certain words in the title. For instance, I might include include article_research in the title of several documents, so that I an find them easily if I could search/filter by that term.

I appreciate and respect your position on Scrivener for iPad, but beefing up the import feature would be just as workable for me!


Hi John,

That’s a pretty good idea - I hope you don’t mind if I add it to the 2.1 list though, as I don’t want to add anything else to the 2.0 list for fear that it will never get released! :slight_smile:

All the best,

KB you should not make it so difficult for me to behave myself.