Simultaneous view of synopsis and document text?

I would like to view the synopsis AND document text at the same time, as per the second screenshot on this page:

I can get one or the other, but not both. What’s the trick? I’m using Scrivener 1.11 and OS 10.4.11.



I strongly recommend going through the tutorial provided with Scrivener, which covers all of the basics of Scrivener that will get you up and running with stuff such as this. The screenshot in question shows the inspector on the right (toggled using the blue “i” toolbar button), and a split screen with the text in the bottom and corkboard in the top (by clicking on the split button in the document header and then selecting a folder for one pane and a text document for the other.

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Thanks, but I’m actually talking about the SECOND screen shot on the page in question. You described the first. I want the OUTLINER to show me the synopsis and have the document text show to its right. I did the tutorial when I bought the software, have clicked every option on every pull down menu, searched the help and forums before posting the question. I just can’t get my screen to look like the screenshot.


Set up a vertical split, make sure the left pane has the focus, click on a folder in the binder, and then select the Outliner in the toolbar to make the left-most pane display the outliner (you can always set preferences to open folders as the outliner instead of as the corkboard if you so wish). Click on the “open selection in other editor” (two arrows) button at the bottom of the outliner pane. Then, clicking on items in the outliner on the left will open them in the pane on the right.

Vertical split! That did the trick. I was looking for a word saying something about “text”.

Thanks for the quick response.