Single Document in Corkboard View: Display as Notecard


[My professional life would utterly suck without Scrivener. Thank you for all you do.]

When one selects a folder and chooses Corkboard view, all the documents in that folder are shown as notecards on the corkboard. When one multiple-selects two documents and chooses Corkboard view, those two documents are shown as notecards on the corkboard. When one selects a single document and chooses Corkboard view… nothing is shown. Only an empty corkboard. You can see where it would be more useful, and a lot more intuitive, if single documents were instead displayed as a notecard in Corkboard view. Small thing, but helpful - sometimes I just need to review a given doc’s synopsis (without opening and closing the Inspector, which takes up too much screen real estate in split view).

(I’m also really looking forward to that keyboard shortcut for “Swap Editors”, which function I use constantly. Thanks in advance!)

[Once again - thanks for making my writing life 19,000% more manageable.]

All best,
Michael Fuchs

+1. Would like this too.


Many thanks for the kind words. This would be antithetical to how Scrivener works, however. The whole point of that blank corkboard is that you can drag cards in and thus turn the document into a container - in Scrivener, it’s not just folders that can contain subdocuments; any document can contain other documents.

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