Single Title Suffix Carriage Return (in Title Options) creates Multiple Carriage Returns on Compile

I’m trying to get a little bit of space between the Chapter Title and body. If I have nothing in the Title Options>Title Suffix box,

the body copy is too close to the title:

If I add a single carriage return in the Title Suffix box, it adds many new lines:

Can anyone think of why this might be happening on a PDF compile? I’ve tried to figure out why a single carriage return would create so much space. Many thanks!

Scrivener 3.0 (75), MacOS (10.12.2)

Paragraph spacing after?

Paragraph Spacing After.jpg

It’s most likely not multiple carriage returns but simply that the suffix paragraph formatting is set up to have spacing around it. In Compile, click in the blank line in the Section Layout preview and try changing the line spacing settings.

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And along that same vein, applying paragraph spacing to the title itself is often a better way of adding space than carriage returns as you will have more control over the amount of space:

  1. In the “Formatting” tab, put the cursor on the title line.
  2. Bring up the paragraph spacing tool (Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Line and Paragraph Spacing…), and adjust the “after” setting to taste.

If your Layout doesn’t include text, you won’t see the result, so you can temporarily enable the Text checkbox to preview the result.

Thank you so much, guys. I didn’t even realize that space between title and text could have its own formatting via those controls. I couldn’t figure out why a single carriage return created so much space, but I was able—using your suggestions—to remove the carriage return and employ the spacing after paragraph option.

I really appreciate your help! Problem solved!