Siri Integration

To Keith and other important L&L members (the ones actually involved in making the app and not all those trolling wannabe troublemakers like myself):

After fiddling around with my iPod and the scrivener app for several weeks and after finally accepting that manual dropbox syncing is a good thing and here to stay, I’m wondering about the possibility of better Siri interaction not just in iOS but with MacOS Sierra whenever it comes out. I know there’s a developer kit out there (, and I’m figuring they’ll be a MacOS Siri kit eventually, but I think it’d be neat if you guys got on the bandwagon. Essentially I find doing serious work with scrivener on my iPod a bit of a challenge and, further, considering that we can’t use a mouse while using any iOS device (yeah I think Apple was really being silly here), that Siri commands would really, really help a user’s experience, and compensate for the lack.

If you’ve already written about this, please direct me to wherever it’s been written if you can; otherwise, I’d like to hear your thoughts, should you have any.

Right off the bat, I can easily think of a few commands that would be useful:

Hey, Siri…

“go to composition mode/full screen”’ (this would be in the MacOS port)
“typewriter scrolling please”
“mobile sync this please”
“sync to dropbox”
“add new text file”
“add new folder”
“dictate please”
“find these keywords”
“select these words and delete”
“change font/size, font, style, center/right/left justification”
“zoom x%”

Essentially, in trying to make the experience of a mouse-free writing app as pleasurable and distraction-free as possible, I think Siri integration would be really neat.

Anyways, this is just a thought Keith. If it’s too much, then no worries. It just would be nice to have.

This is a pretty good idea! +1

Although I must admit, this will probably require some work and should Keith decide to implement this I suspect it’ll take several years. Until then, you’re just going to have to deal with the greatness of what Scrivener already is.

(oh yeah, you might not want to alienate people by only directing your posts to the creators of scrivener; they are probably very busy people and the rest of us might be able to also provide some insight).

I apologize for alienating anyone. Thus, let me revise my statement by stating anyone can respond, and should Keith and his posse decide to respond they are welcome to as well.