skEdit 4 is out

Get it while it’s hot. skEdit is a text editor that excels at internet editing (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.). I switched over to TextMate from skEdit 3 a while back, but version 4 is a very tempting prospect. Some things to note:

  • TextMate is more powerful in general, but has a much steeper learning curve than skEdit
  • skEdit 4’s inline code completion and project management (local and remote in perfect synch…aaaaah) kick hardcore butt
  • skEdit’s price point is lower than most other power editors (TextMate, BBEdit)

skEdit is so different from TextMate that it’s unlikely to encourage switchers, but it’s a great text editor for newcomers to web design/development or people who have a tighter budget and higher time restraints. Definitely worth a look-see.

Out of curiosity, what text editors do you folk use (if any)?

BBEdit. It doesn’t suck. :slight_smile: I find the add-on support for BBEdit as worthwhile as the base program.


Free for non-commercial use (and cheap regardless), excellent collaborative features, tiny memory footprint, very functional webkit-based preview of web code. I’ve been using it for years, and never found anything to beat it for all-round value.

And, of course, a brilliant name :smiley:

Unless I am mistaken the free for ersonal use policy for SubEthaEdit was abandoned a long time ago already.

Huh, so it has, as of v3. That said, the older versions still have that license, and work perfectly well.

I tend to use TextWrangler for HTML and other plain text necessities… Does all I need and is free. I’d upgrade to BBEdit if I needed any more. Though I do like TextMate, too - I’ve just never had a need to buy it.

TextWrangler for my HTML work. It is (more than) enough for my needs.