Sketching in Scrivener on a Surface?

I use Scrivener on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and have my characters and locations and stuff all written out. One thing (or, set of things) I can’t get in there, however, is the stuff I tend to sketch and doodle when I write by hand, and I’d like to try using my Surface and Scrivener to remedy that.

I thought it’d be handy to be able to bring my Surface and a Surface Pen around with me and not have to even carry paper. It’d be neat to be able to draw maps, sketch ideas, and even just doodle as I write. For example, right now I have the visual layout of a setting where a scene is taking place in my head, but am lost for words as to how to describe it at the moment. I’ve drawn a crude picture, but it’d be cool to be able to do this on my Surface in Scrivener (or to quickly/easily do so in another program and quickly import it into my Scrivener project).

Any suggestions on how I might best accomplish this?

Scrivener can import any external file into the Research folder. So probably the easiest would be to use the drawing program of your choice and import the results.


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In any case, I’d suggest posting your question in the Windows Scrivener support forum. I don’t know the answer, as I mostly use the Mac version.


Ah, sorry about that!