Something like this: … -sketching

… would be killer. I have plenty of notes and diagrams that cannot be integrated into scrivener.

Usually, Scrivener can import any diagram that can be copied into the Mac clipboard. I for sure exchanged some Notebook-generated drawings into Scrivener projects, as well as many other kinds of drawing (made on the Mac or the iPad).


Yes, but they are imported as a static picture.

I’d like to be able to edit them in place. Like onenote, circus ponies, and evernote do.

I personally prefer to keep my software tools as modular as possible. ‘Bloatware’ is usually slower, and includes half-backed tools. If I can edit my diagrams in Scapple (or iThought HD on the iPad), I prefer to do it there, rather than on a rudimentary function included in Scrivener, causing the appearance of bugs and a slower performance to the other sections of the software.

What I’ve always loved in the Mac, is how easy it is to create a custom working environment from different software. The multi-window approach has always worked well for me. Having a window from Scrivener next to a window from Notebook, is exactly the same as having two windows from the same software. So, if I have to edit my diagrams, I simply do it in the drawing software, then copy/paste or drag the original diagram into Scrivener’s window.

I understand that this is different in Microsoft Windows, where there is usually an additional layer (the application window), and working full-screen is the preferred option. So, maybe I cannot simply ‘feel’ the habits of other Scrivener users.


This is definitely well outside of Scrivener’s scope, sorry. You can use “Open in external editor” to edit imported files in their associated programs, though.