Skitch replacement?

I’ve noted past disappointment expressed with Skitch by Keith and maybe Amber. Now I find myself in need of a good replacement, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for good Mac apps that replace it.

Key features: The ability to EASILY save my annotated image to a folder on my hard drive, and the basic annotations like arrows, circles, squares, and text to overlay the image. Bonus points if it helps you easily resize the image and has undo for every change you make.

I’m willing to pay a little–I don’t use this kind of thing frequently–and I want it to be pretty dumb, for people who don’t know much at all about image manipulation, and aren’t interested in learning GIMP or PhotoShop.

I’m looking at Glui at the moment. It looks decent. Any other recommendations?

Preview does all of that, doesn’t it? Not suitable?

I’ve just been using Photoshop and an FTP client every since Skitch went Evernote-awful. The only reason I did not continue using the older version of Skitch is that the old version never worked well with Retina. Otherwise, I’d say that’s the best thing to use: the old version if you can. :slight_smile:

What I do now isn’t as bad as it sounds, probably. I’ve gradually built up a set of Photoshop actions and presets that I use to quickly annotate images, and for FTP my client can save droplets that automatically upload anything I send to them. So it’s just a matter of saving the graphic and sending it to the droplet, a moment later I have the URL on the pasteboard and ready to put into a post. With Skitch I could do all of that with a single click, and I know there are other programs that do have FTP integration like that (LittleSnapper, is one, but it didn’t work well with Retina either last I checked), but I never cared for the editing tools or overall design approach for them. Skitch was nice because it was just a snapshot aide that improved on Grab, an annotator with just enough stuff and no fluff, and seamless publisher. LittleSnapper has an awful lot of iPhoto-esque library stuff going on that I just don’t need, that overcomplicates everything I want to do. Yeah, Photoshop is of course that way as well, but I’ve been using Photoshop since the late '90s, and at times in the past, as often as I now use Scrivener (i.e. six to ten hours a work-day). I’ve probably got entire dedicated neural pathways in my brain that are Photoshop devoted, by now.