Slow performance related to screen resolution?

Hi -

I searched the forum and didn’t find any matches, so hopefully this isn’t a duplicate.

Just recently I started having issues with a lag in my typing being displayed on the screen. I searched the forumns and found many others who had the same issues, so I tried some of the suggestions (turn off auto-correct, lengthen saving time, etc), but didn’t have much success.

I also recently purchased a new high resolution monitor to hook up to my laptop while working at home. Since previous to the monitor I experienced no performance issues I decided to play around with my monitor settings and, interestingly enough, found that when I decreased my screen resolution from 1920x1080 to something lower (I tried 1280x720), the lag went away entirely.

My monitor is a 24" AOC and it is connected via HDMI cable to a Dell Inspiron 1100 (which has no 15 pin connector for a monitor). Not sure why the screen resolution would make a difference, but for now it’s an easy work around of switching the resolution back and forth when I want to work on my project.

Great product by the way. Almost makes me want to buy a Mac just to get the full experience. Now, if I could just win the lotto…


Thanks for this report! I’ll forward it on to Lee and we’ll see what can be done. While I’m happy you have a workaround, you should certainly be able to work at your normal resolution without problem. I appreciate all your testing for this!

Also, welcome to the forum, and thank you for your interest in Scrivener!