slow program startup

Using a very fast win10 pc at home (i7, SSD , 16RAM…), opening a project takes 45 seconds at least ("… not responding…"). At work, using a slower Win 8 pc Scrivener starts immediately. No difference if the project is in Dropbox or on my hard disk. This is driving me insane! It’s not Win Defender either, disabled it and no change after a reboot.

Well, I did expect that someone, anyone, would have given me a few pointers! Am I really the only one to experience this problem?
I downloaded the new beta version 3, it opened the same Dropbox files very fast. So it looks like the last Win version of Scrivener has a bug the no one wants to acknowledge or talk about.

Sure, that’s one possibility. But, if there were really such a bug, I’d expect that at least some other people would be posting about it, either in response to you or in posts of their own–wouldn’t you?

As that hasn’t happened, let’s consider the more likely possibility, that it’s something specific to your Win10 PC.

99.3% of the time that someone posts that “Scrivener freezes and/or is really slow on my PC”, the issue is over exuberance on the part of their antivirus software. As you’ve already confirmed that’s not the cause, there’s really only one other way I know of to work out what is the cause of this type of Windows problem, and that is booting into safe mode and seeing if it still occurs. If Scrivener runs fine in safe mode, than you know there is some conflict going on between Scrivener and something else, and you’ll need to incrementally enable stuff in safe mode, checking Scrivener each time, to determine where the conflict is.

Perhaps one of the Win10 gurus here can give you move specific advice, but that’s what I’d do if it were me.


As far as I know, you ARE the only user with this problem.

In a User’s Forum, People give what help they feel comfortable giving. Most of these users are writers with very little knowledge in managing a Windows-based workstation.

Writers and artists, in general, tend to be lousy technicians. You might want to submit a service request if you want An L&L employee to respond to your query. But expecting other users to respond in the way you want and within the time frame you want is unfair to other users.

It seems that the problem you are concerned about and having is difficult to solve.

Thanks for that. True, it is suspicious if I am the only one with this problem! But I did load the Beta version of Scriv3 for windows and it opened my project immediately.

Bam! The latest update ( fixed this problem. Now the damn thing opens immediately! So I spent hours trying to fix something which wasn’t even recognised as a problem. Anyway, it made me happy to see my project opening in milliseconds instead of minutes.