I just installed the latest beta, and installed it on a Windows 7 machine.

when I created a new note and wanted to leave the note by clicking on binder,for example a chapter in the main content section, there is a delay for nearly a minute before I can continue to work.

It does not happen every time, but enough times to be irrritating.


Just to clarify, are you talking about switching between different documents in the binder? When you switch and get the slowness, are you switching from a single document to a larger one or to a Scrivenings session (e.g. you might switch to a folder and the editor might display the text of all the subdocuments in that folder)? I know there can be a hang, even necessitating a force-quit, when viewing large Scrivenings sessions–say 80K+ words–which is on Lee’s fix list. But I haven’t heard of something like this just changing between single documents (unless they’re exceptionally long). Any further details you could give, if you’re able to pick up on when it happens (vs. the times it doesn’t) as well as specs for your computer (as Lee outlines here) would help track this down and correct it. Thanks!