Small Caps Option on Toolbar

I know how to “convert” text within my Scrivener projects to small caps, but I would LOVE to have a toolbar option to do the same (preferably next to the bold, underline, and italics options). I’m a legal academic, and our citation conventions heavily utilize small caps, so I currently have to export to Word to most efficiently format my footnotes.

Thank you!


Fellow Scriv user here. I think a Small Caps mode in Scrivener would be nice,* but you can easily convert selected text to small caps with a key command. Presumably, that is at least more convenient that taking it to word and converting to small caps there.

You can do this by assigning a key command to the menu item Format > Convert > To Small Caps. This is done in Apple System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts, by making a new shortcut for Scrivener for ‘To Small Caps’.

Not speaking for Lit & Lat here, just thinking aloud.

  • There are some complications in the sense that not all fonts have built-in small caps characters. I think it is now generally frowned on to “fake” small caps for fonts without them (which is what Word did). Also “faking it out” is has programming implications.) Cleaving to the scruple would mean the toolbar button wouldn’t do anything to text in many fonts, potentially confusing users.

Thanks! That’s a really good idea.

I’ve been confused by the “fake” small caps. They appear initially, but if I change the font size, they revert to all caps. Is there a way to solve this issue? I’m already writing in a super conventional font.