Small doc bug: Add text "auto generate" to User Guide PDF

In Inspector, in the upper-right there’s a button that when hovered over displays the text Auto-generate.

I didn’t know what this button did so searched the Scrivener for Windows User Guide PDF for auto-generate and auto generate. Neither of those phrases were found in the PDF, or on this forum, so I created this Scrivener for Windows forum post:

Per that post, I learned that the desired information was presented as part of section 18.1 Synopsis Card. More specifically, the second paragraph on page 148 states:

[size=150]I therefore suggest[/size] the button’s roll-over text Auto-generate be incorporated into the User Guide so that users can search for that text in the PDF and so learn from The Guide what the button does.

Cheers & hope this helps,

Good point! This was an oversight as you can search for “auto-generate” in the Mac version of the PDF and wind up here, reason being there is also an associated menu command in the Documents menu that matches the button. However since that menu command has yet to be introduced into the Windows version, that line of text referring to the menu command is stripped out of the Windows PDF, leaving no literal name to grab on to for search results. :slight_smile: I’ve corrected this mistake. The opening line now reads: