Small iPad version would be nice


i am very pleased of Scrivener. It is really a productivity writing tool for writers. I am writing short stories and novels.
Because i hate it to work all the time at my desk, i have bought an iPad. And i love it because now a lot of work can be done from every place i could be. Not only at home or in my office, but also everywhere else.

I have tried to use the different sync functions but found them not as supporting as it would be if there would be a small iPad version of Scrivener. I do not need all functionality. But opening scrivener archives, editing and outlining capabilities would be sufficient. I want only write my sections, chapters etc. and rearrange them if needed, add add character/setting descriptions to my archive.

The last days i have worked with another similar tool which has an iPad version and my workflow with that tool was more pleasing.
I have read in this forum, that there are no plans for an iPad version. So i would appreciate to get an official statement on this issue, because either i would wait for an iPad version of Scrivener or i would change to this other tool. I would prefer to wait, because Scrivener on the Mac and Windows is my first choice.



There is no iPad version in development at the moment, as we have our hands full with the Mac and Windows versions. We would like to produce an iPad version eventually, if we find a developer willing to take it on and come on board on the right terms (I have no interest in writing for the iPad myself, nor neglecting the Mac version to code it, so it would entail getting a different developer). Therefore, given that nothing is in development currently, if an iPad version is the absolute deciding factor for you rather than the features and work that goes into the Mac version, and seeing as you already find the other tool more pleasing, you should probably move to that. (As much as we’d love to keep you, of course!)

Hope that helps!

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While I sometimes miss some RTF support (would it be possible on iOS?), I find working with PlainText (or any other similar text editor) satisfactory enough. Syncronization via Dropbox is effortless and transparent. On the iPad and the iPhone, I have the same folder organization as in a Scrivener project. Adding new documents to the project from the iPad is as easy as creating it. The lack of advanced features is a bless, when looking for a distraction-free working tool.

I would welcome an iOS version of Scrivener, but I’m not sure it is really needed. What we have now is already highly efficent and comfortable to work with.


I’d second that, even a stripped down ultra basic version that allowed you to sync and do some simple word processing in full screen mode would be welcome (I like Simple Note, but…). It might also help raise the profile of Scriviner.

I think the Windows version will do that. :slight_smile:

True. The list of Windows users I’ve evangelized to about Scrivener is as long as King Kong’s arm.

Thank you very much! As for an iPad version, we have a note on our About page about how we would love to do one if we find the right developer willing to work with us on the right terms (i.e. for a pittance, ha). This is, in fact, how we found Lee and got the Windows version rolling in the first place. (I wouldn’t want to divide my own development time between two versions, especially as I’m not a big iPad user so probably not the best person to do it.)

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I have a phenomenal iPad/iPhone developer that writes very solid code. They are quick and have reasonable prices along with being very professional and very trustworthy if you are interested.

I personally would LOVE a brainstorm ability with the iPad that is better than notes that I have to cut and paste. I use my phone and iPad constantly for brainstorming idea and outlines.