Small suggestion

I LOVE Scrivener and especially the work being done on Win V.3 - thank you all for your hard work. It shows.

One minor annoyance is the ADD ITEM and Trash are right together on the menu bar. My clumsy mousing has deleted multiple folders, documents, etc.

Can you add either a confirmation for the delete or perhaps move that particular icon on the menu bar to somewhere else?

If I’m missing something (like a simple way to do just that) please let me know.

The program is some of the best software I’ve used. Thank you again!


Never mind. Ten seconds of searching and I found the answers.

For those who like me are too silly to check first, there’s an option in VIEW > CUSTOMIZE TOOLBARS.

Sheesh! :unamused:



Similar complaint, but not sure there’s a fix. When you go to save and click “file”, the save option is RIGHT BELOW “close all projects” and I’ve accidentally clicked this like 100 times. Is there a wave to move this?

Thanks for saying it anyway, I didn’t know that I could modify the toolbar to my liking