Smart apostrophe typed into highlighted text <b16>

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

Smart apostrophes work as expected most of the time, but if I have something like She had, and I select the he ha-part and type a single quote, the result is she’d, not the expected she’d you get if you type s+h+e+’+d.

It happens randomly. I just the exact same thing in another part of my text, and this time I got the expected smart quote.
That said, I’m 100% sure I sometimes get a standard apostrophe.

A moment ago I found a sentence that incorrectly started with a right smart double-quote.(”)

I selected it and typed double-apostrophe (shift + 2) and it gave me a straight double apostrophe (")

Hi adrm,

Could you let us know what your options are set to for Corrections > Substitutions? I am assuming default, but would like to verify.


Under Substitutions:

The first 4 are checked, the 5th is off.

And the smart quotes selected are the defaults? Or have you changed the selection from the two dropdown menus?

They have not been changed from the default.
Checked them again, and they are set to the normal (US type) smart quotes.