Smart quotes in other languages?


I downloaded Scrivener beta today and have just started to try it out. I must say I’m impressed so far – this app could really be exactly what I need. I do however have one request.

Since I do a lot of my writing in Swedish (my native tounge) the current implementation of automatic smart quote conversion is somewhat of a problem. In Swedish we write â€

Hello Joakim,

Thank you for the feedback. Another user pointed out this problem a while back, and I admit that I have been a little slow to act on it. Looking at Mellel, no. 2 seems like a good solution.

I have added this to the list of things that needs to be done before 1.0 is released - it may not make it into the next beta (beta 2), but if not hopefully it will make it into beta 3.

Thanks for pointing this out.