Smart quotes plus

I would love it if there were an option under Smart quotes to use straight quotes after numbers. The tick marks that denote feet and inches are not quite apostrophes and quote marks; they are always supposed to be straight. I often have documents that have both regular quotes and these measurement marks, and end up going through the doc in the final phase and straightening everything after a number.

It seems to me like a labor-intensive feature, but if it weren’t…

(Word and its children don’t bother with this feature, so it’s not something I expect from wordprocessors, but WordPerfect has it, so I got used to it at work, and miss it.)

And on a side note, if anyone could tell me a keyboard shortcut for typing a straight quote/straight apostrophe while having SmartQuotes enabled, I’d be grateful! (Right now I turn off SmQu and type and copy, then turn it back on [lest I forget] and paste wherever it applies. Yes I quite deserve your giggles.)

Thanks again Keith for an excellent piece of software, and for even opening up a wish list!


If you hold the Ctrl key while you type the apostrophe or double quote, it will stay straight.

Alternatively, you can use Opt-[ (double quote) and Opt-] (single) to create smart quotes, with the Shift key to reverse their direction, but unless you only use these every now and then you’ll probably rather stick with leaving smart quotes enabled by default and just forcing them to be straight with the control key.

Ah!awesome. I knew there was some key. Thanks so much!! Brilliant.