Smart quotes replace apostrophes

Today I updated to and now I can’t type apostrophes anymore.

I have Smart Quotes turned on to use Guillemets but now also regular apostrophes are being replaced as if they were single quotes.

The attached image shows the same sentence first typed with Smart Quotes off and then with Smart Quotes on.

How do I get back the old behavior? Or is this a bug?

Hi Dienes,

Press F12 to go to options.

Click on Corrections

To the right of the check box ‘Use Smart Quotes’ are two little boxes. In the left select the Guillemets you want for the double quote, and on the right select the response you want for single quotes, which would be ‘abc’ .



Thank you for your suggestion.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help because I still need the single quote Guillemets to work.

If I’m not mistaken, the previous Scrivener version was able to correctly differentiate between single quotes and apostrophes and treat them accordingly.

You could use a substitution again. Suppose that you never use two single quote Guillemets together. Set up a substitution in Corrections so that two single Guillemets turn into a single quote. When you use the two single Guillemets together, a single quote will be substituted.

Actually the whole problem will not occur if you use the typographically correct character for the apostrophe in German, which is Unicode: U+2019 (and in English too, afaik). It looks like a little number 9. The straight or better: typewriter apostrophe (Unicode: U+0027) is not correct. See this Wikipedia article:

Substitution will not happen then as demonstrated in the first sentence:

Thanks Linus, this is helpful.
I will try to setup a substitution to replace the shift+# character with the correct apostrophe.

Strictly though, the Wiki article says that if the correct apostrophe is not available, the shift+# is an acceptable replacement character. Thus I think Scrivener should support it (I have never seen anyone NOT using shift+# for the apostrophe, as it is cumbersome to type the other one).

I’m on Linux (via Wine / PlayOnLinux) where it is very easy (AltGr + # does it, and AltGr + Shift + N as well). If there are no similar key combinations in Windows then substituting the typewriter apostrophe (which should anyway be replaced by their correct counterpart in any writing apart from programming code) is probably the best solution.

Okay, adding a substitution from shift+# to alt+0146 does not work. It will still insert a single guillemet this way :frowning:
The other shortcuts you mentioned also do not have an effect on my system.

As said before, this worked in the previous versions of Scrivener, so I still think it’s a bug.