Snapshot doesn't take selection


I’m trying Scrivener 1.0.3 which I dowloaded today, and reading the tutorial right now. Outstanding soft, thanks!

A bug I think: when I select a portion of text and take a Snapshot of selection, all the text in the currently open file is copied.

I’m on Mac OS X 10.4.9.

I believe ‘take snapshot of selection’ refers to taking snapshots of all the documents selected in the binder, not the text selected in a document. I don’t think you can snapshot selections of text within a document - just the document as a whole.

Thanks for your quick reply - that sounds confusing though, since ‘take snapshot of all’ is also an option.
The snapshot option names should be revised (in order to make levels clearer), for I think that in most editors “selection” refers to text, not to files or folders.

Please do refer to the Help file:


Snapshot takes copies of the binder, the outliner, the corkboard but not of selected text? I came here to report a bug, but that’s not the bug I anticipated.

Taking snapshots of a troublesome paragraph before editing is exactly the feature I need, so that I can roll it back if needed. It would be particularly useful to be able to compare two versions simultaneously. I can’t envision a need ever to take snapshots of the binder, the outliner or the corkboard.

By the way, when I select two or more documents in the binder and take a snapshot, I hear the distinct sound of the camera, but Show Snapshots is greyed out.


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Uh… Again, the Help file should clear this up.

No, the snapshot feature does not take a snapshot of the binder. It takes a snapshot of the current text document, exactly as you want. If you select more than one document in the binder and take a snapshot of the selection, then snapshots for all of those text documents are taken.

Show Snapshots can only show snapshots for a single document, though, of course. So it will only be available if you are viewing a single text document.

So, really, there’s no need to be disappointed, because Scrivener does exactly what you want.


While you cannot just pick out one paragraph from a document and create a snapshot of it, you can just snapshot the document. It’s pretty easy to use the highlighter or annotation feature to mark the edit section, snapshot, and then remove the marking if desired (as it will be retained in the snapshot forever).

What I do is just add a small annotation to the end of the edited section with the time and date (using something like typinator that can insert date stamps and text automatically makes this a two second process), then use Snapshot With Title and put the edit reference in as the title.

I actually just leave the marker in, but change the colour to blue once I’m done with it. This makes matching up changes between version very easy, and putting the marker at the end of the paragraph while using annotation ghosting means it is out of the way.