Snapshot in reference mode OR copyholder in composition mode

Are either of these two things possible? I want to be able to reference a snapshot of a different document while in composition mode.

Thank you!

There is no way to browse snapshots for other items entirely, generally speaking, and less so in Composition Mode. What I’d do in this case is simply produce the result you’re looking for with something handy like Document Notes. Look up the snapshot you want to have referenced, select the text and copy it, then go to the item you want to work on for a while, and paste this into the Notes tab of the inspector for it. Now you can pull that up with the floating inspector in Composition.

Thank you. Since I use notes for something else, I might instead create a scratch-pad document under my research folder for this.

Yeah, that’ sounds like a good idea. You can add that scratch document to Project Bookmarks to keep it readily available, too. You will note that the floating inspector panel in Composition mode has a dedicated Project Bookmarks view.