Snapshot Multiple Docs?

A wish list item:

I’d like to be able to snapshot documents in bulk. I’ve just received a bunch of client feedback notes, but before implementing the changes, I wanted to take a snapshot of the existing draft. To do this, I had to go select each document individually, snapshot each one, and apply the title “Pre-Client Feedback”. It would have been handier to be able to select multiple documents and execute the snapshot command once, enter the title once, and have all those individual snapshots available in the individual documents. (Just to be clear, I don’t need a “compiled” snap shot. Each snap shot would be limited to the content of the individual document. I’m just looking for an efficent way to execute the snapshot command for multiple documents.)

In the past, when I’ve started working on a new draft, I’ve simply duplicated the entire folder and saved the duplicate as a new draft (so that I still have the old draft available). However, this can get cumbersome-- particularly if I’m executing a bunch of small changes. Also, I love the snapshot ability to compare text. If a client asks what has changed, I can pull up the snapshot of the previous draft and show him.

So why didn’t you do just that? :slight_smile:

OK, now I just feel silly. It never occurs to me to look in the darn menus. I just whack away at the icons. I guess I’m just obsessed with buttons.