Snapshot vs. multiple drafts

I am a new user. I like to keep multiple drafts of what I write and am curious as to whether it is better to use snapshot at the end of each draft or to create an individual folder for each draft.

I think this is entirely dependent on what works best for you.

Personally, if I am about to embark on a decent sized change to a particular file or set of files, I will take a snapshot. Mostly though, I forget, and do not use snapshots as often as I would like to (I tend to remember after I have already made the changes).

But I also have regular backups (and in particular, backups taken when I have completed a “draft”) saved outside the project. I just use the backup to zip function for this.

The reason I use either snapshots, or just backup the entire scrivener project and store it away elsewher, is that I do not like to have a cluttered binder, and so do not want each draft tucked away in there.

Having said that, I have done so occasionally for the short term when I am dragging files around or doing a major restructure, and want to be able to refer back to where thet used to be, but I always delete the duplicate once I have finished.

So I guess use any combination of all three, depending what suits you the best!