Snapshots + Button Not Working

When I try to create a snapshot of a document using the + button, nothing happens. I get the camera shutter sound, but no snapshot is actually created. However, I can create one using the keystroke and the menu item.

This is not that big of a deal, but I’m curious if this means something is wrong with my install or if it is a known bug?

I am using version 2.3.1 on an 11" MacBook Air running OS X 10.8.2.


I’m afraid it’s not a known bug, no, and it’s working fine for me on the same system. If you open from /Applications/Utilities, do you see any errors pertaining to Scrivener when you try to create a snapshot in this way?


Hi Keith,

Nothing shows up in Console when I do it. I just tested it out with other projects and it works the first time, but subsequent times it does not. Very strange. I’m thinking my install got messed up some how?

I will try to reinstall it and see how it goes. FWIW, it is the non-app store version.


Reinstalling didn’t seem to help. I just tried it on my 2008 MacBook Pro running 10.8.2 and I have the same issue. Very odd.

So you’re seeing it on two machines? That is very strange. Could you please try downloading the latest beta to see if that makes any difference?

Thanks and all the best,

Okay, downloaded the beta with the same results in the two projects I am working on. Decided to open a project that I have not touched in a month or two and the snapshot button works.

So I am guessing this is project specific? Could there be something wrong with them? Or did I disable it with some pref setting? No idea. Curious though.