Snapshots font

I’d like to compare a document with its previous snapshot side by side. But the snapshot font is too small and I don’t see how to adjust it.

How do I change the snapshots font?

As a snapshot is intended to capture a moment in time for a document, it’s not designed to be edited. Therefore there isn’t a way to alter the font size, I’m afraid. However, as a (somewhat clunky) workaround, you could copy and paste the snapshot text into a blank document and then adjust the font size and view it side by side with the latest version using the editor’s split screen view.


Yeah, one of the features planned for in the next major upgrade will be the ability to load a snapshot into the main editor—not to edit it, but so that you can display it full size beside whatever you’re currently working on, take advantage of editor features like text zoom and so forth.

Can you please tell me whether you are intending to introduce a compare button for the snapshots as I believe you have for Mac?

Most certainly! Pretty much everything in the Mac version isto be implemented, by the way. You should be able to use the Compare feature when viewing a snapshot in the main editor as described, too.