Snapshots not being captured (Build 18215)

It appears snapshots aren’t being caputred in the most recent Mac beta:

Click on a single scene in the binder list
Click on the + in the snapshots panel
Get the visual and audible feedback as expected

Don’t get a new entry in the list of snapshots.

Have tried with varous documents from the binder, get the same result. Also quit and restarted Scrivener; same result.

Using MacBook Pro, OS X v10.7.4

Jim Hopkins

A little more info on this. The snapshot menu and command key appear to work as expected. So the problem appears only with the “+” shortcut on the snapshot screen.



Strange - I can’t reproduce this at all. The “+” button works fine for me in the snapshots panel in the inspector. Is this in all projects and for all documents or just for a specific file?

Thanks and all the best,