Snapshots of deleted files?

I’m fairly certain this hasn’t been covered in the forums: I have three questions regarding snapshots:

  1. (I’m least confident about this one not being previously answered): Is there some way to see a list of all the snapshots for a given .scriv doc?
  2. If the answer to the above is yes, does this/is there some way to make this include items that are in the trash (but obviously haven’t been deleted)?
  3. Is there some way to save snapshots of a file after the file itself has been deleted? This may seem strange – I want to do it for the following reason: I’m not interested in keeping active files of previous chunks, chapters, sections, etc, but there is usually a reason i choose to snapshot whatever it is i’m snapshotting and I would like to be able to reference those…

thanks much.

There is not yet an easy way to do this, but Snapshot exporting has been discussed as a future feature. That would include Trash items, so long as they are selected in the export.

Great - thanks. Is there some way to keep track of this – like a notification about specific features – or should I just keep checking back? And in regards to #1 - is there a way to see a list of all snapshots for files (not in the trash) in a document?

Keep an eye on the announcements board and twitter feed is probably best. It will be a major update, so there is no release date yet.

There isn’t any way to get a list of all snapshots, and that is an interesting idea. I’ve never seen the feature used like that before. Keep in mind the icon obtains a little corner flap when there are snapshots associated with it, so this can help in located them, but that is the best you can do for now.

Yeah I like the idea of being able to see a list of all snapshots in a given project. I came to the forum just now to see if there was any discussion of that very idea.