Snapshots Out of Control

Using v. 1.53. Here are the problems:

  1. It will not copy ALL documents (but All docs in binder show that they have been copied!)
  2. After I’ve copied a single document, when I then copy a second document, Snapshot deletes the first document and replaces it with the doc being currently copied. Result: 2 copies of same doc.
  3. Several times I’ve deleted multiple snapshots, then copied a new doc, the result is I get as many copies of the new doc as I had originally deleted.

I’d say I have a dysfunctional Snapshots. Everything else in program seems to work fine. I’ve not used the Snapshot function in some time, so I don’t remember if it ever worked properly.


I’m afraid I don’t completely understand the problem, or what is happening. Could you please write down in step-by-step instructions what you are doing (which commands you are using, how the interface is set up), what you expect to happen and what actually happens (what you see, what you expected to see etc)?