Snapshots Quirk

Hi Guys,

I like snapshots! However, I noticed that when you hit the Cmd+5 key combo it will take snapshots in rapid-fire succession like a sports/action capture setting on a DSLR until you release the keys. I think the behaviour of the key command should be only one snapshot each time you invoke the key command. :smiley:




Thanks. I hadn’t noticed that, but looking at it, it seems to be the way all menu item commands get passed to the application. As a developer, I set up an action and link the menu item to it. OS X then sends the action when the menu item is selected. You can see the same thing in most apps. Try hitting cmd-T to create a new tab in Safari for instance - hold it down and you will get lots of new tabs.

Hint: don’t hold the cmd-5 keys down after you have heard the shutter sound! :slight_smile:

All the best,