Just checking … but I presume that if you take a snapshot of a document that you no longer need in the manuscript but want to keep the snapshot “just in case”, that you will lose it if you delete the document it’s connected to?

I have a chapter that I have moved, say from Chapter 16 to Chapter 12, editing it for different time, location, etc. I want to keep a snapshot of the original “just in case” but will end up deleting Chapter 16 now that I don’t need it (as its content is in Chapter 12).

It just occurred to me that if delete Chapter 16, it will probably delete the snapshot as well.

Is there a preferred way to keep snapshots of documents that don’t “seem to be needed” but might be later?

I usually setup another top-level folder above trash and store these sorts of things in there.

I use it for sections I have cut, bits and pieces I have written that don’t yet have a home etc.


Yes, the snapshot will be deleted if you delete the associated document, but as Matt points out, remember as only documents inside the “Draft” folder become part of the final manuscript, you can just move the unwanted document into a folder outside of the Draft somewhere, so you could (as Matt suggests) create a folder on the same level as the Draft, Research and Trash folders called “Deleted Fragments” or whatever and move Chapter 16 into that.
Hope that helps.
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Thanks. That’s what I figured … and that’s what I’ve done but I appreciate the confirmation on the snapshot. It’s good to be clear that the snapshots are associated specifically with the document and not the file … so when the document goes, so goes the snapshots.