Snow Leopard - 10.6.8 Update - Airport problems


it’s just me - well, I don’t think so, please see the link:

or this new update messed up with something in the system, literally ‘killing’ my little Wi-fi Airport network? I can’t connect, every time I try to connect the system asks me the network password (which is stored in Keychain), as if the Airport network had no more link with Keychain…

Anyone of Forum users having same problems?

Thank you and all the best

No problem here, so far, on either my MBP or my MBA.

Only things that I can think of:

  1. try repairing permissions;
  2. open network preferences and see if there’s anything odd going on there;
  3. try opening the Airport Utility and see if that’s picking up an error;
  4. did you update the Airport Utility a few weeks ago … I don’t know if that would have made any difference, but …;

Hope you get it sorted soon.


Edit: Oh, and I never use Software Update except to check if there are updates available … I then point my browser to Apple Support Downloads, and with OS updates, download the combo version — it takes longer to download, but then if I need to redo the system, I just have to run the latest combo, not upgrade to each version in turn. Also I do a safe reboot and then run the installer from the administrator account.
Also, when I repaired permissions on my system, they needed a whole string of repairs, half of which were to do with Airport or the Airport Utility.
My MBA is late 2010, the poor old MBP is the very first version of the 17", so nearly four years old, I think.

Airport Utility updated on 6/15/11; the latest version is 5.5.3
To keep your apps current, I highly recommend MacUpdate Desktop.
Keeps track of apps, widgets, screen savers, preference panes, and plug-ins.
The charge is $20 a year and it works like a charm for me.

Giovanni, before you go to the trouble of re-downloading the update, you might try opening Keychain Access in your Applications/Utilities folder. You should find an entry in the list for your airport network. Note down the password, :smiley: delete the entry, and then try connecting to your Airport network. It will ask you if you want to store the password, which you do want to do.

Sometimes keychain entries get corrupted, particularly wifi entries.

In this case, too, given what people are reporting, you should most definitely use disk utility to repair your permissions.

Good Luck!