So can we just not use Zalgo text? Is there an Alternative?

I like corrupting text as a means of masking it/making it seem illegible because I write in first person and it isn’t comprehend-able to the character narrating.
(I don’t do this heavily though.)
Is there some alternative? I could just use hyphens and let people play hangman or something… But I feel like that makes it hard for me to figure out what I meant when I’m editing.

Also sorry. I’m from twitter and usually I search there first, but for my mental health I deleted and totally blocked that site… So now I’m going to the forums and I haven’t used forums since I was a middle schooler so I’m not sure if I"m getting this right. First post. Sorry if it’s in the wrong place, set me right if it is. QAQ;

I can attest that this works in both macOS and iOS Scrivener.

(An alternative, if you turn out to need one, would be to use a zalgo-ish typeface. The Scrivener-spirited way to approach that would be just to create a character style and set any passages you need in that character style – which can look like anything you want in the Scrivener editor. Then, set up your preferred compile format to transform things in that character style into your wicked typeface at compile time.)

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I can’t seem to attach an image, so I’ll describe it. Zalgo looks like a long streak of gibberish in the scriv editor for me at least, so I just assumed it doesn’t work.

I decided to fix it in a similar way to what you described though! :smiley:
I will look for better fonts though, since just turning the text grey isn’t enough in my opinion.