So... how does Novel-in-a-Day work?

A while ago - really quite a fair while ago now - I promised Keith that I’d produce some videos on how the whole Novel in a Day thing is run, including how Scrivener and Scapple are used throughout the process.

I’ve scribbled some notes on what to cover, but wanted to give you lot the chance to feed in too. I’ll be covering topics in three broad areas: story development / event planning, taking part / writing a chapter, and book production.

So, over to you…
[b]Are there any parts of the process you’d especially like to see?

Are there any questions you’d like answered? [/b]

I’d like to see the liquor selection process… what factors are evaluated? what criteria are used for brand selection

how do we get more vic-k channeled into the overall process?

Seriously, you do such a great job with this, I almost don’t want to see how you do it. I feel like it’s seeing how the sausage is made…

I don’t know if this is helpful but I can report how I have learned what I’ve learned about the process. The stuff you have posted on your site about plotting taught me a great deal about how you think about genre and use scapple while plotting out an idea. Between that and actually looking at how the Scriv projects are laid out is what has given me what sense I have of how the Niadustrial light and magic is produced. Not to mention participating, of course.

As for its probable interest for someone like me (given all the above): There is all kinds of admirable cleverness in the Scriv project set up and compile that I note but have not really interrogated. For someone like me who is already wound up in it, I guess that would be the most revealing part — how that project gets used in the course or the process and some of the clever high points of how it is set up to facilitate that.

I do hope in the videos we will finally get a glimpse of the smoke and mirrors. I know they’re there. Don’t try to deny it.


It’s a two-part evaluation methodolgy that balances price and quality scores into a classic cost/benefit anaysis to identify the most economically advantageous product.

Price is featured in three individual tests. The first is an affordability threshold which sets an upper limit (‘A’) for the beverage. Any liquor priced greater than this predetermined level is automatically excluded. The second is a lower threshold limit (‘B’) below which it is not expected that – whatever the claims to quality espoused by brand stakeholders (manufacturers, commercial partners, resellsers, or customer credentials (often described as ‘reviews’)) – the cost could be considered sufficient to develop a liquor solution suitable.

So, if the price C is >= B and <= A it remains in consideration for the third cost test which occurs after quality assessment.

Quality is scored independently of cost. Scores out of 10 are created as objectively as possible using the following scale: 0 = complete fail / no redeeming qualities, 1-4 = unacceptably deficient, 5-6 = modest deficiencies against expected standards, 7 = meets expectations, 8-9 = over acheives against expectations, 10 = no further improvement would be of value.

The following quality areas are scored and the scores aggregated on a weighted average to produce a score out of 100%: taste (40%), appearance (20%), smell (20%), brand prestige (7.5%), tactile experience (7.5%), time between refills (5%). Scores are generated based on previously experience as much as possible, but failing that, multiple evaluators will be invited to assess and discuss scores in a score assurance moderation session.

If a product scores 0-4 on any quality criteria post-moderation it is automatically excluded. The quality scores of the remaining products are then recombined with the price score. Contrary to modern combination methodologies, I prefer a simple Quality / Price formula to produce a single comparable [Benefits Points per £] score for each liquor which can then be directly compared to identify a winner.

Invite him to join discussions, include him in converstations, and provide regular (re-)assurances to him that his contributions are adding value and appreciated.

I love sausages. So much so that Mrs PF once arranged for me to visit a butcher’s shop to learn to make them. I still love sausages because it’s only the sausages that you already know are nasty that you don’t want to see made. Good sausages are made of good ingredients and watching the butcher make them (and maybe having a go yourself) only makes you enjoy them all the more.

Okay, so more of the process-saving aspects like project replacements, dynamic todo lists, and embedded scapple maps (“mapples”?)?

My problem is–grizzle grizzle–a bleedin’ expensive now obsolete Mac that won’t run Scrivener 3, ergo I can’t open your project files and extract their undoubted wisdom. Poot.

Seems to me that to SHORT a time between refills will lead to … unreliable results. For some of us that may show up an a condition known as “hangover from hell”. This is why I’m not allowed to drink unsupervised UNLESS a NiaD is involved.

Having typed that… it feel appropriately dirty.

Your experience may have a different starting point. My experience started with “that one there… will you deliver to Smith’s for … processing?” Then following them over to Smiths. Keep in mind, I’ve done the process with other critters so it’s not a weak stomach thing. It just … ruined it. Still like me some sausage, bacon and ham, but I’m not so keen on it as I used to be.

I’m a bit frightened of this point from grrrrrrr (emphasis added)

I have enough voices running around in my cranium. I don’t really need you and vick-k in there.


I feel I should point out at this juncture that Jaysen just referred to itself by the non-human pronoun ‘it’.*

I will be using this quote as my lead-in for all future forum posts.


  • To think that I have been mispersoning/misphyluming Jaysen all this time by using person pronouns.

I fully endorse all aspects of grrrrr’s analysis.

Hmmm - sorry about that. I’ll get a v2 compliant version of the last two made NiaD project files and upload them.

That would be really kind, but please don’t rush. I am patience personified.

The Mac v2 / Win v1 compatible project files have now been uploaded to the relevant book pages!

Thankee! :smiley:
I’d say you are a Baa Lamb, but I wouldn’t want to insult the bestest Pigfender I know.

Hello everyone.

I’m just interested in getting my part of the book to you.
I quite like the fact that I don’t have to worry about how it all works after that point.

I think someone said ‘smoke and mirrors’
That’s good enough for me.

I’m looking forward to being part of the process 91/2 kind of cool.

Smoke, mirrors and a very, very frazzled Pigfender. :stuck_out_tongue:

Day after NiaD we call him “Mr Bacon” because he’s fried.

Ha! I make me laugh.

Piggy has been quite open about the mess of his little project. You can also DL all the old scriv files he uses to develop the chapters. Much of the “smoke” is just piggy working hard to come up with outline, chapter briefs, and then managing the NiaD event. The “mirrors” are the various folks that support him in unsung roles. The size of NiaD at this point requires that he has a few helpers throughout. Not sure who they are, but Mrs Fender is definitely back there helping him stay motivated (I suspect there is a rolling pin involved).

Mmmh yes I get it.
Less smoke and very few mirrors.
More planning,…Planning and support

Lots of smoke… Piggy’s brain is very dusty which results in multiple fires on his scalp. Then his hair burns and leaves a terrible smoke in the room. Mrs Fender says this is the worst part of NiaD as it takes DAYS to get her abode smelling nicely again.

As to the mirrors… we have no idea how many there are. They are sworn to secrecy. And they all take that oath very very seriously. I suspect there is one per book but I’m well known to be a conspiracy type so I wouldn’t expect much accuracy from me if I were you.

That’s so weird I honestly can’t tell which one of us has been drinking. :slight_smile:

Look around… do you see empty bottles or cans? If so, we BOTH have!

Where can I see an example?